Brass Custom Bridge....Giving a more Jazzy Blues tone with good sustain.

Brass Compton Bridges will install on Gretsch, Gibson, Guild, Fender and most other guitars with posts spacing of 2.9 (73.66mm) or 3.0 (76.66mm).

Brass is also available to match your fret board radius of 9.5 or 12” radius. We can also match your radius if it is not a 9.5 or 12”. Email prior to ordering.

All bridge post holes are drilled with a diameter of .160” (4.06mm, 5/32") and have a 4mm angle milled across the top of the bridge to help improve intonation.

Bridges are hand slotted to your string spacing and buffed to a mirror shine.

Height: ½” (12.70mm) at center of radius arc
Length: 3 ½” (88.90mm)
Width: ½” (12.70mm)
Post holes diameter: .160” (4.06mm, 5/32")

Pricing: (includes MN State Tax)

Brass - $75.00

Brass Tone Chamber - $90.00

TONE CHAMBER: Any bridge with a Tone Chamber will have a bit more highs in the tone and have better string seperation larity within chords.

Before purchasing please make sure to read ORDER INFORMATION and RETURN POLICY 

Made in the USA


How To Find Center of Bridge Post Stud Spacing

Printable Radius Gauge for 9.5 and 12 inch radius guitar fretboards.