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Compton Compensated Custom Bridges
  • Looking to Improve Sustain?
  • Looking For a New Tone?
  • Looking For More Clarity?
  • Do you like Rock and Rockabilly?
  • Do you like Jazzy Blues?
  • Do you like Country and Country Rock?

High-quality replacement for the stock Gretsch, Gibson, Guild, Fender bridge and most other guitars with posts spaced at 2.9" (73.66mm) or 3.0" (76.20mm)

Compton Compensated Custom Bridges are made in the USA from solid Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Titanium. Using solid material gives your guitar the sustain, tone and clarity you have been searching for. The concept of the solid bridge is to eliminate all the small parts that contribute to tone and sustain loss. The bridges are also designed to match your fret board radius. There are several models to select from.

The radius is done by CNC milling machine as are the precision placement of the bridge post holes. There is a 4mm angle milled across the top of the bridge to improve intonation. You will be very pleased with the performance increase with one of these bridges installed on your Gretsch guitar. Please read customers testimonials.

Gretsch Duo Jet Before and After Compton Bridge Upgrade

Compton Aluminum | Stainless | Brass | Copper Gretsch Guitar Bridges
The improvement in tone, sustain and clarity is amazing!


TONE EXAMPLES: Click here to play sound clips.

All of these solid bridges will give a marked improvement in clarity, volume and richer tones overall. Plus your radius will now match your fingerboard properly making for an increase in playing ease and comfort.